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Detailing Price List Spring/Summer 2022



Gold Package


Silver Package


Bronze Package

*Hand-Wash *Wheels/Tires/Wheel Wells


*Double-Deep Vac

*Interior-Wipe Down


Here is where the magic begins, because every package comes with the meat and potatoes of any great detail-a Hand-Wash. A Hand Wash will remove surface dirt that an automatic car wash leaves behind. Most people will tell you a good car wash starts from the top-down, but we like to focus on the bottom-up. The bottom portion is where the dirt is. Don't be surprised to look out your window to see your detailer on his knees eye level with your dirty wheel wells.


This package is also bundled with our Double Deep Vacuum guarantee (*We guarantee to pull/push all seats forward/backwards to allow complete access to ALL the dirt that's hiding, and to be thorough we use flashlights. Got dust? When finished vacuuming, we will wipe down all leather/plastics/vinyls to produce a clean dust free cabin.

Everything from the Bronze






*Glove-Box Vacuum

The Silver Package will please those looking to have their crooks and  nannies cleared of smudges, hard to reach dirt, stunk candy, etc.. This is the package that introduces the workhorse of interior detailing--Steam. Steam penetrates, and that is what's needed in most interior detailing cases.


Got bad odors? Steam will penetrate deep into the vents to kill some odors. We recommend changing your cabin filter right after a detailing session. If you need some gloss restored with some added protection, our Silver package will suit you fine.


We follow the hand wash with Ceramic Spray Wax from Turtle Wax. This is the best Ceramic Spray wax and approved by many auto detailers world wide. It beads with added protection for 3 to 4 months plus the luxurious shine it provides.

Everything from the Bronze and Silver Package





*Leather/Vinyl Conditioner

*Trunk Vac

*Trunk Jams

(Everything from the Bronze & Silver plus all below) Looking for a meticulous detail? Are you in the process of selling your vehicle? This Gold Package will make you smile. It takes every goodie from the Bronze and Silver package and adds so much more. Let's start with the door-jams. Your door jams are ugly. This package will address your dirty door-jams and trunk jams. We use delicate chemicals that won't leave any residue behind to produce nice shinny door jams.


We also add a clay bar service to remove environmental fallout (road tar, tree pollen). If your car has a rough feel to the surface, this service will remove it to be followed by a Wax. You're going to love the way your car feels with the Clay Bar service of the Gold Package. The Gold Package adds a carpet shampoo to rejuvenate old worn fibers.


We shampoo the fibers in the carpet as well as the mats. Our foamy shampoo has a pleasant smell. UV Rays are the #1 cause of leather deterioration. This Gold package adds leather/vinyl conditioner that helps repel future dust and gives your leather/vinyls added sheen that's supple not shiny.

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