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Coronavirus Knoxville Detailing Package

As you probably already know, the Coronavirus is affecting most of the world toady. And you have probably been well informed that the number one thing you can do to protect your family is keep your space clean and sanitized. You have probably used strong chemicals like Clorox, and Lysol to keep your spaces at home germ and virus free, but what about the one place you spend 25% of your time in daily (your vehicle)? Your vehicle is just as likely to have germs and viruses lying on the surface as any other living spaces in your life; to protect you and your family you'll also need to kill the germs and viruses that exist on the hard surfaces of your vehicle as well. That's where Your Place Auto Detail of Knoxville can help. We incorporate several virus fighting techniques to help mitigate keeping Knoxville Coronavirus at bay, but the number 1 virus fighting technique we employ is the use of steam.

The U.K Government fond that using steam is an effective way to kill Covid-19, and the CDC stated that steam sterilization is the preferred method in reducing infection risk. In order to keep Coronaviurs at bay, Your Place Auto detail has tailored a package for you and your family. We'll come out weekly to steam sterilize your vehicle's cabin. Our steamers will penetrate all though your ventilation system to kill hidden germs and viruses. Our steam is hot enough to kill viruses and germs on your vehicles' hard surfaces but they're gentle enough to not harm your vehicle's surfaces.  we recommend a weekly steaming treatment to be most effective. Best part is the price. You'll get a weekly treatment for only $150 or you can save by signing up monthly. (We'll come out 4 times a month for only $525)

What you can expect

Your uniformed auto detailer will be on time as he drives up in his van full of everything needed and to give you a superb detail including water/electric. In these times of Coronavirus mania, we will be wearing a mask to protect ourselves as well as our clients. Yes, we are insured as long as we're on your property. Go ahead and check out our reviews on Google, Yelp, and Groupon and sign up today.

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