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Sponge Cleaning
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Knoxville Mobile Detailing

We still start with A HandWash 

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Home of the "No Packages" Package.

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Book This Week for Only $160

Welcome to our all-inclusive detailing package! We know that choosing the right detailing package can be overwhelming, which is why we've simplified things for you. With our package, you'll get all of the essential detailing services you need to fall in love with your vehicle all over again.

Our package includes everything you need to get your car looking and feeling its best, including interior and exterior detailing, tire and rim cleaning, and a thorough hand wash. Plus, you can choose from a range of upgrades to make your experience truly personalized.

The best part? This package is available for most vehicles, excluding third-row SUVs and mini-vans. So no matter what type of car you drive, we've got you covered.

So why wait? Book your detailing appointment today and experience the difference for yourself. Your car will thank you!

  • Hand-Washing 2 Bucket Method & Spray Wax (3 months protection)

  • Double Deep Drill Brush 

  • Leather/Vinyl/Plastics cleaned & conditioned

  • Wheels/Tires cleaned & dressed 

  • All Cups Holders cleaned

  • All Doors & Door Map Holders cleaned

  • Instrument panel and all gear shafts cleaned

  • All Glass made streak free

  • All Door Jams cleaned & waxed

  • Glove Box Vaccumed

  • Seat Belt housing cleaned

  • Brake pedal/gas pedal cleaned

What is the two-bucket washing method?

Blue bucket graphic in circle
Blue bucket graphic in circle
Car Engineering

Your vehicle will receive the proper hand wash it's been craving if you live in the Knoxville region. Knoxville has poor air quality. This hand-wash focuses on cleaning all areas of your vehicle from bumper to bumper. This procedure combines the 2-bucket method with years of detailing experience to produce swirl-free beautiful results.

To keep your vehicle's paint looking new, we use the two-bucket method to not only clean but to minimize any accidental swirls/scratches. Next time you're near your car, take a good look at the paint. Ever wonder how all those swirls and scratches got there? Unless you're parking under a tree, most swirls and scratches come from improper washing. Improper washing procedures can stem from using tunnel washes, dirty wash mitts, not using enough soap, or using only 1 bucket for cleaning and rinsing.

To solve the problem and keep your vehicle swirl and scratch free is to use only clean mitts and incorporate the 2 bucket method. This method uses 2 buckets instead of the traditional 1 bucket. 1 bucket is used for cleaning and the other bucket is used exclusively for rinsing dipped mitts. This extra step is just another way we minimize marring your vehicle's paint in any way. Professional detailers have adopted this standard worldwide to ensure a perfect hand-wash every time.

Blue Flashlight

We bring strong powerful flashlights to help light up the interior of your vehicle. This will ensure you receive the most thorough vacuum you probably ever received. We do this by combing powerful suction vacuums, super bright led flashlights, and drill brushes to agitate the dirt that has been well lodged into your vehicle's fibers for years. Vacuuming is such an essential part of interior detailing that we spend a little bit longer than most and we use specialty tools like the long crevice tool you see below. It helps us to ensure sure vacuuming between your seats is done to the max. 

drill brush.jpg
long crevice tool.jpg

This $160 package includes often missed areas like your door jams. Your family spends a lot of time near this area of your vehicle. We clean all your door jams with this package. Additional interior areas including all cup holders, consoles, door handles, seat belt housing, door speakers, etc... will be cleaned and dressed for protection from harmful UV Rays. Cleaning and dressing these UV-sensitive areas will help maintain supple soft leather.






Image by Jorge Saavedra
Leather Car Interior
Shoe Polish

We use well-known brands like Lexor and Meguairs to keep our client's leather feeling supple. Great brand names and a lot of detailing knowledge like knowing that a little bit of shoe polish can cover small blemishes without much effort is the type of support you'll receive in your driveway. 

We all wash and condition our hair and skin on a regular basis, so why not do the same for your leather, this is the approach we take. In this $160 package, you'll receive the best leather/vinyl/plastics care. We use professional products don't won't leave your leather tacky. This service will leave your leather supple and ready to tackle years of upcoming harmful UV Rays.

To Sling or not to Sling.

Do not purchase this $160 package if you like the wet, dirt-attracting shiny look to your tires. In many cases oil-based tire dressings although cheaper tends to sling onto the body of the vehicle while driving. We hate sling too. And what good is it to spend $$ on a detail just to have tire sling on the side of your newly waxed car? We use water-based tire dressing to prevent the dreaded sling effect. What's better is that water-based dressings last much longer than oil-based.

Image by Kenny Eliason

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  1.  Are you mobile?- Yes, we come to your location within 25 miles of downtown Knoxville, Tennessee.

  2.  How long does it take to have a vehicle detailed? If you have no heavy stains or heavy pet hair, a typical sedan takes 2/3 hours.

  3. Do I need to be on location when a car is being detailed? No, we can bill you online after we're done. Key arrangements will need to be made prior to booking date. 

  4. What form of payment do you accept? Cash or Credit Card

  5. What happens if it rains on my appointment date? We'll need to reschedule, so you'll receive a phone call with rescheduling options. 

  6. Is this $160 package includes all-size vehicles? It includes sedans, coupes, and SUVs. 3rd Row SUVs will be charged an additional $25  

  7. Does the $160 include an engine detail? No, you'll have the option to add that upgrade at the checkout page.

  • Service area: within 25 miles of zip code 37920.

  • Additional fees may apply for extreme dirtiness or pet hair (should be discussed during the inspection stage).

  • For best results and to preserve your vehicle’s paint condition, get vehicles detailed 2–3 times a year, including in spring in cold climates to remove salt buildup from winter.

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