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Knoxville Motorcycle Detailing

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Your Place Auto Detail is  a mobile detailing company. We bring the shop to you. Motorcycle owners love this--It allows them to keep their bike at home while we perform our detailing magic in their garages/driveway. Knoxville Motorcycle Detailing is similar to auto detailing. You still have four important main stages: Wash, Decontaminate, Polish, Wax. 

First thing we do when Motorcycle detailing is to remove all the accessorizes that can be easily removed (saddlebags and seats). It's difficult to get around those areas without removing them in some cases.  Hand-Washing a motorcycle is done with a new microfiber and a soft bristle Boars hair brush. The boars hair brush will allow a detailer to get into the tight nooks and crannies that hands cannot reach. It is imperative that you use a new brush to keep the paint chip free. (A dirty brush can have dirt logged into the bristles). Knoxville motorcycle detailing demands that the mediums used to clean your bike are free of debris.


Once the surface areas of the bike are clean, it is time to decontaminate the areas of the motorcycle that the Knoxville air has settled on. Knoxville has some of the worst air quality in the nation.  Pollen, tree sap, and other unwanted contaminants land on our vehicles--to clean them properly, a Knoxville auto detailer must remove the pollen, road tar, etc.. by decontaminating the body with a clay like material. This will make sure that the body is silky smooth to the touch before any polish or wax is applied. Skipping this step will lead to you polishing the decontaminates above the surface and not the body of the motorcycle.

Once the body is clean, it is time to move to the polishing process if needed. Polish will remove light surface scratches and swirls marks. Polish will also give your motorcycle a deep shine and luster. We use the finest products on the market to polish motorcycles. In most cases this is done by hand, but sometimes we will use a DA polisher to cut the job time in half.

To protect the polish, we will use a synthetic or Canuba Wax. Waxing the motorcycle will protect the newly polished surfaces for at least 6 months to a year. It will also protect the body from rocks and debris that hits the body during the drive time. Do not skip this step if you want your motorcycle to look its very best. 

Knoxville motorcycle detailing can normally be accomplished withing 4 hours. We have all the tools needed on-board including water and generator to get the job done. We can work in your drive-way, office, or apartment building. Give Marcus a call today @ (865) 253-8899 to be booked. We look forward to making your bike look good as new, if not better.

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