Asphalt on white paint?

Being a Knoxville Auto detailer grants me the opportunity to travel all over our beautiful Scruffy little city. Today I made my way to Kinberlin Heights to take on a major project. My client somehow ended up with dotted asphalt fallout on her white SUV.

I recently wrote rote a blog post regarding concrete fallout and a conversion van. I’m running into these situations more lately. A growing city means more growing construction; more construction means more vehicles collecting construction fallout on vehicles.

Adphalt sitting on top of your clear-coat is a serious matter. It can etch into your clear coat if not addressed immediately. Once it’s eteched, super aggressive methods like wet-sanding is needed. Wet sanding is expensive and damaging to the depth of your vehicle’s clear-coat. I decided to approach the job with less aggressive methods like coating the body and using a decontamination chemical like “Superior Products“ Rage. Although Rage is formulated to remove bugs, it works great at removing more serious defects like asphalt.

After claying and a much needed hand-wash, Rage was sprayed onto the asphalt and the vehicle was clayed again. The fallout began to loose its grip. Once the fallout was removed, a polish was needed to restore shine and slickness. Topped off the polish with a wax protection that will give her a shield of armor was the next 6 to 9 months. Turned out great, my client was pleased. Being a mobile Knoxville detailer works for me and it works for my many clients.

All is well.