Black paint blues

There’s no other paint color that looks better than black paint. There’s no other color that gives more headaches than black paint, so when I finished detailing my client‘s 750 silver BMW last week, I noticed he had a slick--looking Audi with neglected black paint.

Finishing up his BMW, I told him that I was itching to bring some life back into his dull, lifeless paint. As we talked about the Audi and while approaching it, I realized the paint was going to be more of a challenge than I first perceived.

What's so challenging about black paint in the first place? First, black paint shows all defects. Gray paint is detail friendly because it will hide swirls, holograms, and other defects that tear into your clear coat on a daily basis. Black paint will not. It will not only show defects in the clear coat of your paint; in some cases it will magnify them. Years ago the only way to address the defect that black paint causes was to break the process down into 3 to 4 steps. Each step refining the previous step until all defects are removed. Today with products like 3M's HD Speed, the process can be done in one step, although it still takes a steady hand with a rotary buffer.

Being a Knoxville mobile detailer is becoming easier with the technology of the industry allowing me to carry less and less product to get the job done. The photos below is the before and afters of the work done on the Audi. It came out great.

All is well.

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