Concrete removal? This is going to take drastic measures.

When a call came in from a local concrete company stating they had a conversion van that had concrete that needed to be remove, I knew I had my work cut out for me.

Concrete is one of the hardest industrial fallout chemicals to remove from modern vehicle’s clear coat without breaching the clear coat and exposing the paint.

Being a mobile Knoxville detailer with years of experience helps in situations like this. I’ve done this type of work plenty enough to know that ordinary buffing, even with a wool pad (which is super aggressive on the aggressive scale) would not be aggressive enough for a job of this magnitude; it’s time for wet sanding.

Wet sanding the paint was the fastest and most efficient way to clear the paint from the ugly eye sore the concrete was causing. Starting with 2000 grit and stepping up to higher grits (2500), allowed me to ”fine tune” the job until 98% of the concrete was gone.

After that, compounding was needed to further refine the paint to get it back to ”normal”. But even compounding the paint left it yearning for a needed polish, so I topped it off with Meguiars Ultimate Polish to add a high gloss.

Had fun!


Your Place Auto Detail

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