Detailing a recently purchased Mini Van

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Owner stated it was clean but not detailed.

I frequently from new owners of vehicles that is not satisfied with the present state of the cleanliness the auto dealer performed. So when my new client called me to inform me of a newly purchased van she was not happy with, I kinda knew what to expect.

As I pulled into her driveway, I knew this wouldn't' be a terrible job to complete; I was already armed with the fact that the dealer had performed a "detail", so I didn't think I was going to be at the job all day. After introducing myself to my new client and going over some of the main concerns of hers regarding the van, I immediately got to work.

And as she stated, the van was clean, but there was plenty of areas that needed focus. The Chrysler van was full of dirty isolated areas all through. The seats had stains, the floors needed a good vacuum, the headliner had a few areas that needed elbow grease, etc...

I cranked up my steamer and proceeded to tackle the problems that kept this van from its full potential.

After cleaning the inside; I gave the van a much needed hand wash and wax for protection. The wheels wells were hammered, so I cleaned those areas to make them blend in with the cleaned wheels. Dirty wheel wells stand out against clean tires. All in all, the van now looks good as new. The inside has a fresh smell without any ugly stains. Job took around 5 hours to complete.