Double Scoop of detail love.

I love it when my clients have two cars that need to be done at the same location. Today I had fun detailing these two; one car was a Mercedes Benz, and the other was an Audi. Both cars were in decent shape but needed something beyond what the local in/out car wash would give.

Knoxville Mobile detailing gives my clients the convenience of getting their car's done in the comfort of their own homes. It also gives them the satisfaction to get their car's done the right way vs. the in/out type car washes. Your Place Auto Detail strives to make our client's happy by going above and beyond of what our clients expect, so we do our very best to make sure when we leave, your vehicle will look better than it ever has. We usually spend anywhere from 3 to 7 hours with this single focus objective in mind.

These wheels took a lot of time to restore. Deep wheel brushes needed to go deep into the barrels.

Wheel wells are extremely dirty. Flashlight needed to show their true condition

Seats needed some detail loving here and there.

Matts needed a good vacuum, shampoo, and scrubbing.

Shafts were dusty and dingy from driving. Best tool here is a steamer.

My client said no stains. She didn't know about this one until I put my flash light on it.

This drill brush saves time. Gives me more power than elbow grease alone could.

Steamer in the background heating up. This steamer cost $750. It puts out continuous steam to get the job done.

Door jams are a must do part of any detail.

Back windows get dirty too.

To get windows streak free--use several clean towels, but make sure to follow with a clean waffle weave.

This one stain was hard to see, once again that's why you carry a flash light.

Convertible top needed a good vacuum.

The wheels were hammered--time for my go to product for wheels (Superior Products Rage).

Deep barrels need to be sprayed down.

This brush allows me to get deep barrels with ease.

It bends to get into tight awkward spots.

Time consuming, but we're almost there.

Another brush to get the lug nut area.

Time for a foam bath. Letting foam sit for a few will loosen the dirt before the washing process.

Body was full of road tar, so I added a decontamination stage to work on the tar. Worked great--It even allowed me to skip the clay bar.

Starting to spread in a good creamy wax after the body was washed.

I always use a new microfiber towel to buff off my wax. No need to scratch the paint.

Carnuba cream wax is bling.

After the wax, I walked around the car 3 times looking for any wax residue like this area by the tail pipe.

More bling.

Mobile Knoxville detailing--we come to you.

Total time on both cars took around 6 hours.

Trunk space was vacuumed, and trunk jams were cleaned.

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