The anatomy of an eight hour detail.

True detail work can't be rushed

Got my hands on another construction van from a company in Knoxville that I've dealt with in the past. This time I had my work cut out for me being that it was a construction company. Construction companies usually have red dirt, clay, concrete, and other construction site debris in their vehicles, so I was prepared for the worst as I approached the van.

I used some heavy duty auto detailing equipment to get the job done. I knew elbow grease, and a spray bottle of all purpose cleaner would not be enough to remove these ground in stains. Steam was my main pal as I went to work to remove the ground in stains in the seats. The steam did remove 80% of the stains, but to get the rest, I would need to pull out a drill with a brush head attached. It worked, but it was a slow tedious process to get the ones that didn't want to move. This job took roughly 8 hours to complete; being near Neyland Stadium felt nice...Go Vols!

Gotta love consctrion workers and their vehicles. They do give consistent work , so Im not complaining.

One good thing is the fact that the carpet isn't a light color.

This is the same area as the previous photo. The area near the top is not dirty. That is what would not budge. Only solution would be to spray it with a back to black product.

These deep stains need to be steamed or needs an hot water extraction process. To get 90% of these will be a good day



Stains wre so bad here, I had to add a back to black product. This area was vacuumed again to remove the debris that had settled into the cracks.

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