What a difference a deep detailing makes from a Knoxville mobile detailing company.

A deep detail involves the little details that are often overlooked by your local in/out type car wash business. Being a Knoxville mobile detailing company requires a keen eye to get eye level with the dirt. I like to say I’m a dirt detective.

As I began working on a Saturn Vue recently I noticed it immediately as I placed my rump into the front seat to get started. I knew it would be there, it’s always there, it’s there as sure as the golden sun rises from the East on a clear crisp morning—the greasy smudge left on the blinker shaft.

And there it was with my name all over it. Begging me like a hungry dog to get rid of this unsightly stain that had almost etched itself into the shaft, I made my way back from my mobile detailing van to perform surgery. My scalpel of choice was the Magic Eraser cleaning pad; the Magic Eraser has performed several Houdini type miracles in the past (I knew it wouldn’t let me down).

Warning: before you go grab one of these Magic Erasers and start scrubbing your vehicle’s interior; you can easily damage certain surfaces if you’re not familiar with them. I know when to apply pressure and when to apply even more pressure to get the job done. I guess you can call me the Magic Eraser Whisperer.

Detail season in Knoxville will soon be cranking up, I’m anxious to get started especially after being cooped up in the house from my neck injury (and the virus lockdown). I’ve been walking around the house polishing apples.

Your friend,

Marcus Leverett

(The Magic Eraser Whisperer)

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