When a soccer mom calls...run!

Got a call a few weeks back from a soccer mom with several kids. Nothing against soccer moms, but when you get that call, all you can do is pray. A soccer mom with a mini van means dirt, Pringles, dried ice-cream, and anything else a few rowdy 12 year olds can put into their mouth. This van wasn't the worst I've even seen as a Knoxville auto detailing company, but it was pretty shot.

This van was going to take some heavy duty auto detailing tools to get it back to where it needed to be. So I pulled out my heavy duty detailing steamer, my hot water extraction machine, and a heavy duty wet/dry vacuum.

Total job took the better half of a day. Had to use a little more moister than needed, so I informed the owner that this van needed to set in the sun with the doors open for a good hour to let the seats air dry. Not that they were soaking with water, but the top layer did have a bit of moisture from the steam I used. Owner was very pleased with the work. She booked again for a 2 month re-do.

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