Why I detail.

I’ve been detailing vehicles since 1985. I caught the bug by observing my uncle—he didn’t know it at the time (neither did I), he was crafting my future. My uncle was a man. Seeing a man was rare growing up a kid in the projects (Austin Homes) during the Crack era of the 80s/90s.

My uncle would visit me and give me unsolicited life lessons. He was a simple man, but he had a slow and steady way of getting things done. His 15 years (at the time) of working for KUB had given him a meticulous attention to detail. The man knew his stuff. He received a degree from UT in drafting—this allowed him to afford a home. Seeing this example up close gave me a moment of clarity. I knew what I wanted. on the weekends my uncle would Handwash and Wax his 1985 blue Thunderbird. He would take me with him to the store to buy some Hardshell Turtle Wax, and he showed me how to apply it to the body. Those days applying wax in circles to a dry haze was the thing to do. But you had to let everyone witness your hard work by driving through the neighborhood with semi-dried Turtle-Wax on your 198* BattleShip. Getting to see this at 7 years old was like seeing it on TV.

This is why I detail.

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