Got stains? You need to add this Add-ON. This Add-On is for the vehicles that need some extra detailing loving. We bring out the heavy duty detailing equipment on this grim cutting Add-On. If you have deep ground-in stains that's been neglected for a while then this is a must Add-On for you. 


We start with a double deep vacuum to get most of the above surfact dirt. We then use a Mytee 8070 Hot Water Extractor to distrubite a stream of hot water to loosen neglected stains. Hot water combined with cutting edge auto detailing chemicals will do an effective job on most stains. We then follow up with a hot carpet shampoo to rejuvanate old worn tired carpet fibers.


Also in our detailing arsenaol we employ hot steam. Hot steam will penetrate and remove deep old stains. 


Heavy Stain Removal Add-On