Tree sap removal is a pain in the you know what to remove from clear coat. Those little sugary dropplets of pain all over your car can take time and sweat to remove. We use several techniques and tools to remove the ssap without going too deep into your car's clear coat. We also use the less aggressive method to get the job done. With that in mind, we start with using warm water only to soften the sugars. Sometimes (denpending on how deep the sap is) sometimes water is enough to get the job done. If not--Marcus has over 30 years of experiendce and knowledge to proceed.

Heavy Tree Sap removal

How long has the sap been on your vehicle?
Does the vehicle sit under a tree(s)?
  • Tree Sap abrades clear coat. If it has sat on your vehile's clear coat for too long it could have etehed its self into your vehicle's clear coat. Removing the spa in this case could expose your vehicle's pait by removing the clear cotat. Marcus will determine if he thinks if remoivng the sap will actually be more harmful.  

  • Tree Sap removeal can be time extensive. It haas been happily clinging to your clear coat and sometimes ti needs extensive measureas to remove without hurting the thin layer of clear coat on top of your paint.


    The price quoterd here is a guide  for most jobs. Your situation may be different. If the price needs to be justed to te up side, you will be noticed before any work will be performed.