If your cars paint has minor scratches or the paint is fading and needs a little color rejuvenation, then you will probably benefit from a  Machine Polish and Clay Service.


Why a Machine Polish and not just a wax service? Well a Machine Polish will get rid of those unsightly not so deep scratches, and remove more fallout then with just claying alone car.  The polish will add a shiny gloss to the paint.  This service is for those looking to not only have a clean vehicle but a noticable vehicle.


This service starts with a handwash followed by a Clay-Bar service. The Clay-Bar service will pull away the environmental fallout and prepare the body to be polished.

Machine Polish/and Clay Add-On Service

  • A vehicle's paint depth can decide if it's safe to polish . A vehicle's age can also be used to decide if it is safe to polish. If it is found that your vehicle's paint is too shallow, a machine polish is not recommended. A hand polish may be best.