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Clay Bar service

 The clay bar service you recived removed most of the environmental fallout (road tar, light tree sap, etc) from your vehicle's paint. The paint is smooth and protected. Environmental Fallout will slowly return, to keep it managed, hand-wash regularly.

Wicking = The process of a stain returning durning the drying time


Your vehicle had some tough stains. Aggressive detailing methods were used to mitigate the deep ground-in dirt. We threw the kitchen sink at it!

Deep stains require more moisture than usual therefore your fabrics are still damp. Hopefully, when they're dry, the tough stains are 100% gone. Several factors can determine if the stains return or not; color of fabric, color of stain, age of stain, ect. Wicking happens  to the best of detailers, how Your Place Auto Detail approaches Wicking is by cleaning bad stains first. This gives us time to witness if wicking will occur or not. But the best attempts can't totally eliminate wicking. Sometimes a second or third interior detailing can be enough to get rid of the remaining stains. Another approach is to have the area re-dyed, or have the carpet replaced (consult your detailer) 


Impossible Carpet

Impossible Carpet is a term auto detailers speak. It's used to describe a carpet that has an extremly low clingy nape. Hay, pet hair, etc.. gets logged into the fibers of impossible carpet and are diffucult to remove.  We got rid of most of the debris today while keeping our sanity, but some particles stubbornly remain. Sometimes a second or third interior detailing may be needed to get the rest. 

Deep Barrel Wheels

Your vehicle's wheels have deep barrels that's hard to reach. We did our best to reach those areas within an adequate time  frame. To do them the right way, they will need to be removed and cleaned from the inside. Please let us know if that is the cleaning expectation you're seeking?enough to get the residual dirt.



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