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- 1 YEAR GUARANTEE! - That's not a typo! We stand by our word . Our Trim Coat is a CERAMIC -- Its'll last 1 year or your money back, no problem! Our product will not wash away under 1 year. This is a CERAMIC coating that is guaranteed to last, FOR 1 YEARS!
- WASHING WILL NOT REMOVE! - Picture this, You're at Walmart, looking on every shelf for the "new" product to restore your faded bumper. Your at your wits end because this will be the forth product you've tried this month. All products looked good until rain spoils the day. We'll make you a deal. If Our Trim Coat washes off within the 1st year, we'll give you your money back! Stop throwing money away on inexpensive products that don't last two weeks.
- REJUVENATE AND PROTECTS YOUR PLASTICS FROM UV RAYS - Inexpensive products don't work, or they work for a little while. Our Trim Coat will actually renew AND preserve your trim. One year guaranteed. no playing around, if it doesn't work, call us for your money back. How does it work? Our ceramic coating plastic CURES to your trim to get a beautiful luster you'll love for at least one year. Its going to look amazing! 
- No Loud Greasy SHINE! - Our Ceramic Trim Coat Kit  will not leave any splatter residue on the side of your vehicle when you drive off. It Cures to your trim

Questions and Answers

* How long does it last?
  Our Trim Ceramic Coating Cures to the surface, so expect at least one year.

* My Jeep has tan interior and tan plastic trim on the body, can  your ceramic trim coating be used?
 Yes, Our Ceramic Trim Coating can be used on all colors

*Is it safe for running boards?
 No, it is not safe for running boards

* Can this product be used on dash boards?
  NO, we do not recommend using our trim restore on your dash

* Will it work on door handles
  Yes as long as the handles are plastic/polymer  

Ceramic Trim Restore

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