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You'll get an email with our booking schedule after you purchase your package. If you'll like to confirm your booking before you pay, please call 865 282-7806.


Bronze Package 


This is where the magic begins, because every package comes with the meat and potatoes of any great detail-a Hand-Wash. A Hand Wash will remove surface dirt that an automatic car wash leaves behind. Most people will tell you a good car wash starts from the top-down, but we like to focus on the bottom-up. The bottom portion is where the dirt is. Don't be surprised to look out your window to see your detailer on his knees eye level with your dirty wheel wells.  


This package is also bundled with our Double Deep Vacuum guarantee (*We guarantee to pull/push all seats forward/backwards to allow complete access to ALL the dirt that's hiding, and to be thorough we use flashlights. Got dust? When finished vacuuming, we will wipe down all leather/plastics/vinyls to produce a clean dust free cabin.


*Wheels/Tires/Wheel Wells
*Double-Deep Vac
*Interior-Wipe Down 

Bronze Package Inside/outside

$250.00 Regular Price
$201.00Sale Price
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