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Do you have unwanted foul smelling odors in your car? If so, this Add-On is for you. In some cases it will take more than a shampoo to get rid of foul oders in your car (cig smoke, marijuana odor, mold, meldew ect.). An Ozone Treatment most likely will do the trick. 


So how does it work?


Ozone gas is emitted thoughtout the cabin of your vehicle for a desired amout nof time (usually30 minutes). Ozone treatment is the use of the gas ozone (O3) to remove odors, bacteria, and viruses. Your auto detailier will set up the machine to run within yoiur vehicle. 


After the ozone gas has been deployed thoughtout your vehicle's cabin, keep the windows rolled down as mush as possible to disapate the gas particles. The amount of ozone gas used is not enoiugh to hurt you. In rare cases, you may have a sore throat if you breath in too much.





Ozone Treatment Add-On

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