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If you think your vehicle is bad from the food that falls between the seats that you have spilled. Think abouit the damage a kid sitting in a Greco car i seat with a unzipped ZipLoc bag of Honey Nutt Cherrios can do. From milk, chocolate, french fries, gummy worms, old crackers, you name it, Kids have a way of making a mess in their  child’s car seat. Keeping them clean is as important as any other part of your vehhilc's interior--they hold our most precious cargo.


  • SANITIZES baby's eating surfaces on high chairs and tables; food surface contact safe
  • We clean the touch areas of the chair with steam only. No Harmful Products for your baby.
  • We use Ivory Snow Detergent on hard to remove stains.


This service is an Add-On Service. It must be purchased with the Start Here $99 Package.

Child Car Seat Steaming Add-On Service

$75.00 Regular Price
$51.00Sale Price
  • A vehicle's paint depth can decide if it's safe to polish . A vehicle's age can also be used to decide if it is safe to polish. If it is found that your vehicle's paint is too shallow, a machine polish is not recommended. A hand polish may be best.

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